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Disney Dollar Demise: The end of an era 1987 – 2016 RIP Killed off by Executives belief in Globalism while just starting its 30th year!
Disney cast members explained to us the decision to end Disney Dollars was made by executives at the top of the globalist corporation's pyramid and their belief in Digital Currency and Disney Gift Cards. (Note "digital fiat currency" centrally controlled is a major part of the ongoing transition by the worlds biggest banks and into the financial globalist's corporate new world order's reserve currency or SDR thus replacing the US dollar and with it its power - just search for it if you don't know what SDR [Special Drawing Rights] are.) Following globalism's financial agenda (of one world government) is the logical reasoning behind the May 12th 2016 announcement of the discontinuation of Disney Dollars. Another part of what was the "Magic" disappears down the memory hole. Disney Dollars are part of Walt Disney history so it is left for collectors to try to preserve the special American Disneyland and Walt Disney World part of those Magic Times, before the idea and feeling is lost to future generations forever.
But Disney Dollars never expire, (says it on face of each one of them) Disney will continue to accept them as currency, at face value. But this is small comfort to DizDollars.com and other Disney Dollar collectors who, since 1987, have anxiously awaited each new Disney Dollar issue and theme and expanded our collections!
This sad and darkside announcement was made Thursday,  May 12th 2016, with the final discontinuation date of Saturday, 14 May 2016. That is, all official Disney production and sales of all Disney Dollar Notes ended then! We were able to confirm this from the source so we know this is accurate. So its really official and the remaining bills were sold out on May 14th 2016 with instructions that no more will be sold.
You may wish to access official news media items located and read the article "Disney Dollars to be discontinued at Disneyland, Walt Disney World" at the California Orange County Register.

Disney Dollars have been extremely popular with collectors since their birth in May 5, 1987. Just after they began their 30th year, on May 12th, 2016 that Disney announced the Demise of the Disney Dollars. Functioning as both currency and souvenir, these beautifully engraved existing “Disney Dollars” are now far more difficult to locate and increase in demand from collectors and souvenir hunters are much more expensive to purchase. “This news is typical” said an anonymous collector “Collectors from all over the world love and cherish these amazingly beautiful notes. And Disney Dollars have been a really fun way to introduce currency collecting to children of all ages! Disney Dollars have always made great Christmas and birthday gifts and were a great way to teach children how to count. As child rewards for chores the kids learned about savings, used and spent them and made independent decisions and learned a bit about financial rewards and freedom to experience what their doing their chores could give them. Best part is parents never had to worry about where Disney Dollars were being spent. But globalism (anti-Americanism) is about corporate control and central planning not thinking for yourself,  one world government-money-religion-etc (one system) so digital electrons work for that end best as they are easy for others to control, steal, hack and disappear making individuals insecure and dependent, apparently they don't like individuals learning about independence and savings but rather about central planed dependence.”

First released in May 5, 1987, Disney Dollars were recognized for very high quality printing with intaglio steel engraving and expensive 100% cotton paper, giving Disney Dollars the feel and appearance of beautifully crafted currency. Just like any other fiat currency, they have anti-counterfeiting features such as reflective ink and imprinting, unique serial numbers and letters, tiny specks of glitter (also called pixie dust), and expensive micro-printing.
Importantly there were a variety of characters on each bill some include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Tinker Bell and many others. Each side of the bill incorporates its denomination and each currency item has a serial number series year. These numbers/letters denote when they were printed and where they originated. Each bill is signed by Scrooge McDuck as treasurer or bank administrator.
Disney Currency designs changed yearly, often reflecting the general theme for that year. Bills also include letter designations, located after the serial number. For example, an A series relates to a note initially sold at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA (A is for Anaheim), D denotes Walt Disney World in Florida, and T (became available starting in 2005 only for a few years) designated The Disney Stores. Now, just barely beginning its 30th year, the Disney official production and sales of Disney Dollars has ended.
Importantly, though Disney Dollars never expire. Once “spent” at Disney Parks and Stores, these notes were cancelled or destroyed. So the only way to purchase Disney Dollars going forward is through collectors like DizDollars.com. While we have a very limited collection we are willing to offer some of ours for sale. As they were all purchased with cash from Disney we require the same and wont accept digital (hackable) payment forms either. Please let us help you build your own collection of these ever-more-valuable/rare world famous Disney Dollars currency with characters notes.
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